• MadNLP and ExaModels team has awarded the COIN-OR Cup! This award recognizes outstanding contributions to open-source operations research software development. [ Link ]
  • Sungho has received the W. David Smith, Jr. Graduate Publication Award for his paper "Exponential decay of sensitivity in graph-structured nonlinear programs" coauthored with M. Anitescu and V. M. Zavala, published in SIAM Journal on Optimization. [ Link ]
  • A new preprint titled "Accelerating optimal power flow with GPUs: SIMD abstraction of nonlinear programs and condensed-space interior-point methods" with F. Pacaud and M. Anitescu has been posted on arXiv [ Link ].
  • Our paper "Accelerating condensed interior-point methods on SIMD/GPU architectures" with F. Pacaud, M. Schanen, D. A. Maldonado, M. Anitescu has been published in Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. [ Link ]
  • Our paper "Near-optimal distributed linear-quadratic regulator for networked systems" with Y. Lin, G. Qu, A. Wierman, and M. Anitescu has been published in SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. [ Link ]
  • Sungho has accepted an offer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become an assistant professor in the chemical engineering department starting from 2024 Summer. [ Link ]